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With a combined experience of over 100 years, our family has been serving the Great British public with top quality hand selected and handmade meat and meat products for decades.

From humble beginnings, the knowledge and craftmanship of the 'Butchers trade' has been handed down from father to son for 4 generations.

Each generation has cherished these 'nuggets' of expertise, adopted to the full, but also introduced new exciting techniques and modern cuts. A true representation of customer's requirements and corresponding changes in demand.

From hand-twisted juicy plump sausages to hand-cut thick succulent Aberdeen steaks, we continue to strive to provide our customers with quality at a standard only 'butchers' could demand!

With this experience led traditional approach and using only tried and tested British wholesalers, we can guarantee nothing is left to chance.  Our 'procurement strategy' is one of loyalty to the Great British farmer and their excellent world beating quality.

Giving rise to superb quality, great animal welfare, full traceability and contributing to a sustainable and ethical food chain.

A 'butcher's is more than just the shopfront and the staff behind the scenes, it is integral to the support chain of the extensive ecosystem of great British producers.

It gives us great satisfaction that by delivering with our website; we are continuing to support our great British farmers and wholesalers, who we have worked with for decades.


Many thanks for your time,

The Guildbourne Butchers. 

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